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In the wake of coronavirus, many business have either slowed or are at a total lockdown, a phenomena that was not anticipated or planned for at the start of this decade.

Looking on the brighter side of it, as a business you stand a chance to make memorable impression on your customers and make them know what to expect from your company through these three powerful tips on branding during uncertain times.

1. Digitize Your Brand Presence

Now more than ever people are spending extra time on the internet.

Take advantage of the internet by embracing digital information and digitizing your brand especially during this time of lockdown, social distancing and remote working.

In order to digitize your brand, you need to establish it on these popular platforms

2. Social Media

While it is easy to create your brand’s social media account or page, creating a following or an audience remains to be a huge task as it requires discipline and a good amount of time to establish.

To win in this area, you require a plan to post consistent content that is engaging and is call-to-action oriented which includes infographics and engaging videos.

Secondly, invest quality time and money to promote your business brand using the available promotion and marketing tools.

3. Website

Regardless of the nature of your brand, a website remains to be a home for your brand if you want to survive uncertain times in business.

A website will help you to digitalize and automate as many processes as possible paving way for your brand to deliver its promise even when the traditional norms of doing business are affected by a shift in the typical operations.

In his blog ‘Small Business Tips’, Mark Xavier Quadros, warns that you should make “your website more effective than decorative,” by optimizing your pages for conversion, make it compatible for mobile, improve the design, and think up strategies to sell your service online.

Also, link your website to a blog as it is a great platform to reach your prospective customers as well as keeping your clients informed.

However, be on the watch to ensure that content posted on all channels is not deaf tone to the present state.

4. Create Content relevant to the crisis

Uncertain times come with a negative financial impact on businesses. As a result, once you digitalize your brand, you may be tempted to start selling immediately in order to recover.

The reason to set out your brand is to sell but posting the normal content as if nothing is happening to your audience will not help your brand.

Your customers will remember your brand if you create content that informs them about your product in relevance to what is happening. For instance, you can create a (Do it yourself) DIY video on how to put up a kitchen garden if your brand is an agribusiness.

5. Communicate with empathy

Communicating your brand in difficult times is important as it will enable a healthy relationship to thrive between you and your audience.

The goal of communicating with empathy is to ensure that your audience feels that they are cared for and that your brand is offering valuable information to help them cope with stress.

It may be just by supporting anti pandemic campaign during the COVID-19 period or just creating messages of hope which are not necessarily monetary.

It is also important to keep your customers informed by sharing information about discounts, new offers and services available during the period. Also, let them know what you plan to do after the passing of the hard times.

Every business has loyal customers, hard times present an opportunity for you to reach out to them and listen to how they are copping. When giving a reply be as positive as possible.

Article first published at Kenyan Enterprise