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Whatever your goals are; increase web visits, more sign-ups, brand awareness, or generate more leads and conversions, when well optimized, Facebook ads are one of the top ways to generate revenue for your business while keeping your Return on Ad Spent (ROAS) high.

Below are 5 top tips on how to optimize your Facebook ads;

1. Target a specific audience and speak to them in their language: – you can do this by targeting specific locations, demographics, interests, behavior, connections, etc.

  • Location

Your target audience location is key in coming up with your Ads. Running location-based Ads allow you to target your consumers in a very direct and personal approach based on their location. an advertiser of a product or service, knowing where your target audience is essential and will determine an Ads’ delivery or target place or location.

  • Demographics

Looking for a target audience’s demographics a number of factors come into the picture, this includes age, gender, socioeconomic status, income, education, marital status, and profession. Based on the mentioned demographics, you can structure your Facebook Ads to target a specific demographic.

  • Interests

Before you run your Ads you need to find out if your target audience identifies themselves with certain interests or if they share common interests. You can base this by finding out what people are interested in, for instance, their hobbies. If you find out that a large number of people are interested in a certain hobby, you can use that information to structure an Ad that will appeal to your target audience.

  • Behavior

It’s important to understand your target audience’s online behavior, especially their buying behavior, their purchasing power, etc. Understanding this will impact your Ads to be aiming at how they behave around a certain message that you want them to see,

2. “Use Existing Post” and optimize likes, comments, and shares. This will help you to gather all the campaigns’ post engagements and give you social proof.

A Facebook existing post that got a lot of likes, comments, and shares is a huge asset when utilize to achieve social proof. Your audience trusts more when your numbers are high and also when they are strong in numbers. Your posts’ likes, comments, and shares create social proof that will earn you the trust of the people you are targeting in your Facebook Ads.

3. Use ‘custom’ and ‘lookalike’ Audiences. A custom audience is people who have engaged with your Facebook page or posts before, signed up for your Facebook event, watched a video you posted, visited your website, etc. Lookalike audiences, as the name sounds are audiences with similar characteristics to your already existing audiences. You already know what they like and which ads perform well for them.

4. Retarget:- This can be used on Facebook and Instagram to target people who have engaged your page before.

Retargeting Ads are served to people who have accessed your campaigns before or are a contact in your database.

Retargeting works in a way to re-display your Ads to any first-time or anonymous visitor, it can also work to reach existing customers in your database. You retarget the existing people by uploading a list of their email addresses to a retargeting campaign.

5. Exclude people already in other Ad Sets and use dynamic ads to target your competitor customers. Head to Meta Ad Library and check who your competitors are targeting and create bulletproof ad creative, including imagery, copy, and ad variations. When that is done, head to the Custom Audiences section of the audience section and exclude audiences currently being used in an existing ad campaign.

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