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A well-designed business card will act as a mini brand ambassador by displaying your company’s logo, tagline, and colours, thereby increasing brand recognition and recall. It should also include links to your website, social media profiles, or a QR code, which will direct the recipient to your online presence and allow for further engagement.

Carlstic has a wealth of graphic design talent and many options to choose from when it comes to business card design services.

The demand for business card design services in Nairobi has been increasing with newer businesses being established each year.

The designs need to be visually appealing and in line with the overall branding of the company. Carlstic’s cost of design services in Nairobi is quite reasonable, and businesses can select from packages that include logo design, stationery design, and other branding services.


Small companies and startups, especially, can benefit from these services as it helps give their brand a more professional look.

Carlstic is capable of creating visually appealing and unique business card designs that can help businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace.

It is advisable for businesses, especially startups, and SMEs, to take advantage of Carlstic’s affordable services and invest in good branding from the outset.

In conclusion, since Nairobi is the business hub of East Africa, there is a great need for professional business card design services.

Carlstic offers premium-quality, aesthetically pleasing business cards to make a long-lasting positive impression on your brand.

The business card design price is KES 7,500 exclusive of the printing cost.

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