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In order to protect the future of the Kenyan youth and ensure they thrive at workplaces and build their professional competence, The Carlstic Group Limited is launching a 12-week internship program dubbed Carlstic Internship Program (CIP).

The program which targets 500 students will commence on March 1, 2022, and offer internship opportunities for current undergraduate and fresh graduate students. Those who enroll will get equipped with hands-on experience in Brand Design and Marketing, Public Relations, Event Management, and operations.

“This internship program will allow us to help students ‘grow and evolve’ by equipping them with the experiential learning, leadership exposure, and professional acumen needed in the workplace,” says Kimani Patrick, CEO for Carlstic.

The program will kick off with three days of orientation and training where interns get to know Carlstic inside and out – from service offering to the events the company convenes.

From there, the students will spend the next four weeks of their program in training where they will be able to learn the behind-the-scenes process of service delivery and how client relationship works at the company.

For the remaining eight weeks, Carlstic interns will get involved in hands-on work, self-driven projects that make a business impact. They will work for hand in hand with mentors from the company who will offer technical guidance and share expertise while also providing a networking resource for the intern’s career.

“The job market in the country is very competitive, and it’s now more crucial than ever students get opportunities to prepare for increasingly complex and challenging roles,” says Kimani adding that “early and agile talent is an important focus for Carlstic and we are deeply invested in providing meaningful and impactful experiences that can’t be acquired in the classroom.”

Each week, students will interact with leaders from the company to learn about that week’s focus areas and bring it to life in their work. Each intern will get recognized for the work they do, and will get credit for the projects they help execute.

The internship program is grounded in Carlstic’s leadership pillars which include optimism, diversity and inclusion, continuous learning, accountability, and strategic skills.

The company will enroll up to 4 interns every quarter at their operations center in Thika. Initially, priority will be given to students in institutions or residing along Thika Road for commuter convenience.

Those pursuing degree or diploma courses in PR & Communications, Journalism and Mass Communications, Advertising, Marketing, Event Management, Project Management, Business Processes, and related courses are highly encouraged to enroll. At the end of the program, each intern will receive a certificate and KES 20,000 stipend.

To join the program, one is required to visit

“It’s so exciting to see the future of our workforce come in, learn what we do, and truly be captivated by helping people protect and plan for their professional futures. There’s a ton of empathy in what we do in any role at Carlstic and building that skill-set is critical in our early talent programs,” said Kimani.